I didn't resort to name calling, tried to be patient and helpful while he wigged out-but gees, after awhile it was too much to bear. We have come close, but both of us are a little en I worry a little about long term, what will happen when my partner is 70, how will I feel then, and is it such a sensible idea? I've tried to explain/show him what 'works' for me, but he gets angry or sullen when. I think we have enough 'good stuff' to (at least) contemplate a future together-but frankly, I'm afraid to invest myself more deeply because of this issue. New Topic, post Reply, all times are EDT. I've been seeing a man for over a month, and we've gotten very close during this time. Borrowed from Mini-Strategies : For women, on love and sex: use extreme caution when bestowing qualities or attributes to someone just because he makes you happy in bed, 'cause no matter how you slice it, you can't make a fruit salad out of a banana! After our initial get-together, I asked to see her again and she indicated she didn't feel we were compatible. I recently met a woman I felt a strong attraction with, and asked her out. I've gently expressed my desire for (small) gestures of appreciation/caring, and have been very generous patient in this relationship, but I've begun to feel used, and that's a turn-off.

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    As a final note, if your man consumes a lot of soy products, these can definitely undermine male hormone balance and contribute to impotency. Men get to their feelings through sex, and women get to sex through their feelings. This is actually a timing issue, but you're demonstrating solid character and consideration for others, in thinking this through. Humans are complex, and occasionally something simple (like poor timing) can derail a potential connection. Let loved ones know how excited/thrilled you are to be marrying a man that you adore, and can hardly wait to share your life with. Bringing this up too soon exposes you unnecessarily, and may be more information than a very new romance can handle. You've highlighted an important issue, and you're fully entitled to these feelings.

    it in your profile. We've recently started getting physical as a result of feeling closer, but it seems he has difficulty getting hard or maintaining an erection. Ask if you can phone her, and meet for coffee or cocktails sometime very soon. November 6, 2018 at 12:19 pm #15334, this is a really good article about that topic in particular:. Am I being too hasty? Talk with your gynecologist about this issue, and in the interim, try having your boyfriend cleanse with an anti-microbial product such as Summer's Eve Feminine Wash before intercourse (or enjoy this together, as part of your foreplay). Does it invoke anxiety about loss of attraction, or fear of loss in general?

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    Shari, what keeps a man from complimenting a woman he's involved with, or demonstrating that he cares, or values her? As soon as I recover (using over-the-counter medication for a week) I get it all over again as soon as we make love. We were both so excited about the uniqueness of our contact, we made plans to get together that same night to see if there was physical attraction as well. Fad and fashion have always dictated personal trends; some of 'em stick, and some don't. Locked Topic, new Post, sticky Topic W/ New Post, locked Topic W/ New Post. I was always upfront about it when I was on those sites, and it really helped in my opinion. But there's a question that begs to be asked here: What do you think drives your desire/need to pursue someone who's not returning your interest? Just as males are anatomically different, so are females. Sadly for you, it appears this one's destined to be around for awhile. Well, we know where this is going: I'd had intensive therapy related to boundary issues, and thought I was better.

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